NAPBA is a grassroots organization for third party administrators (TPAs) of employee benefits programs

About Us

The National Association of Benefit Administrators (NAPBA) is comprised of third party administrators (TPAs), using their collective talents and best practices to continually ensure all members flourish in the ever-evolving healthcare industry and consumer-directed health plans market. To further strengthen our position, we have partnered with ECFC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advocacy, education, advancement, and innovation of tax-advantaged benefit programs that facilitate choice for employers and employees.

President's Message

Are the traditions of NAPBA alive and well? You bet they are! As we look toward the future with renewed optimism, we are reminded of how we got here. I do not have to tell you the challenges that 2020 has given us, instead I want to focus on the future of our industry. We are seeing incredible innovation across the spectrum of the service providers that are supported by our NAPBA members. New technology in our delivery systems, card technology, mobile app artificial intelligence, ease of online shopping and medical claims transparency to name just a few. All these innovative tools and the great companies behind them will ensure the account based TPA industry will continue to thrive into the future.

In preparing my message to our current and future members, I reflected on how I started in this business. Was it by accident or divine intervention? The year 2000 began as a challenging year for the insurance industry, double and triple-digit rate increases were the norm. As an insurance broker I was delivering these increases to my clients. There had to be a better way! I began researching this new phenomenon called Consumer Driven Health. It was then I attended a CDH conference in San Francisco that changed the course of my career. It was my aha moment! At first, insurance companies did not like these upstart TPA’s getting into their territory, but we had the power of the IRS codes behind us.  And soon, we were an unstoppable force that quickly became mainstream. Today CDH is a part of any serious discussion regarding value-based benefits.

Fellow TPA owners, executives and the great innovators that sponsor NAPBA, I want you to reflect on why and how you got into this business. From my perspective, it is because we share a common cause that drives us to do better every day. Through both our individual and combined efforts through organizations like ECFC and NAPBA, we have changed the landscape of employee benefits. I truly believe we are the last line of defense against runaway healthcare costs. You may not know it or want the label, but you are all activists in the cause of doing what is right for the clients we serve. Never forget that!

In the coming weeks we will be sending out communications on some of the great things NAPBA is planning.  What makes NAPBA so special to our membership is the uniqueness of our conferences. At an NAPBA conference you will see collaboration and open conversation among peers that to my knowledge does not happen at any other conference. If you have not been to a NAPBA conference, come check us out, and I am sure you will want to become part of our growing family. Our conference is set for June 2021 and will be at the beautiful Wentworth by the Sea in Portsmouth New Hampshire. We will finally be able to reconnect with old friends while making new ones. Our 2021 speaker line up will include some of the best and brightest the industry has to offer. And of course, our tradition of providing a fun, welcoming, intimate, and collaborative event will continue. I know you will come away with a renewed sense of excitement and love for our noble profession, knowing that you have new friends who are always willing to help….even if we are competitors.

In closing I would like to say thank you! Thank you to those pioneers that have come before us and to those future torch bearers who will lead us into an exciting and promising future. And thank you to the members and sponsors that make NAPBA the most special trade organization in the country.

Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of innovating and doing the right thing for the people we serve.

With Admiration,

Dan Crawford

President - NAPBA

NAPBA Membership

Peers Collaborating

Here at NAPBA, members enthusiastically approach learning and sharing best practices so that each member company thrives in a healthcare industry that is forever changing.


Annual Membership provides the benefit of:

  • Annual Conference registration for primary owner/executive (1 attendee) including informative sessions, fun evening events

  • Significant discount for new or renewal of ECFC membership

  • Products/services cost sharing

  • Training and certification for their staff

  • Being an industry voice as a grass roots organization

  • Quarterly online webinars on regulatory / legislative news, technology and more

  • Continuing education, practice management, networking, peer discussions


Annual Membership

New and renewing members - $1,495

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Board of Directors & Staff

Catharine Mirabile

Vice President

Managing Director of Benefits Administration -
CGI Business Solutions

Hooksett, NH



Michael Melnychuk

Board Member

President - HR Simplified, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN





Board Member

President - Consumer Driven Administrators, LLC

Luckey, OH



Bob Cummings

Board Member

CEO - American Benefits Group

Northampton, MA

413-584-9923 ext. 211


John Gutzwiller

Board Member



Board Member

Director, Flexible Benefit Compensation Services
American Benefits Group





Board Member



Executive Director




Owner/CEO - Peak One Administration

Coeur d'Alene, ID






Former President and CEO
BASIC Benefits

Rocklin, CA


Michael Stoddard

Emeritus Board Member



Emeritus Board Member



Emeritus Board Member


SEPTEMBER 12-15, 2021

Wentworth by the Sea - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

NAPBA Annual Conference

Once a year we come together to share ideas, learn from industry experts and have fun! Looking forward to seeing you in Portsmouth in September 2021! Registration and Hotel Booking will be available by April 1st. Check back soon!

Employers Council on Flexible Compensation

ECFC is… the single organization that focuses its efforts on preserving, protecting and  defending the tax advantaged programs currently available to working families through employer plan sponsors.

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