A Message from the President   John Gutzwiller, CFO/COO Chard Snyder

As we enter NAPBA’s 16th year, our association is strong, vibrant and growing while the political landscape continues to changes dramatically. These changes will continue to bring many challenges and opportunities to all of us.  When I joined NAPBA it was to help develop our business by learning from industry leaders whose vast experience has helped their individual businesses thrive in an ethical way. What I’ve experienced is that while we are in competition with each other, our collective talents and sharing of knowledge has allowed us to grow and thrive through turbulence both in the economy and with health care reform. 

What makes NAPBA truly unique is the connections with peers. I consider many NAPBA members close friends, and I can count on them anytime. The annual conference, which features administrators and sponsors interacting, offers fruitful conversations that improve all of our businesses and our industry. The partnerships formed with sponsors and ECFC have allowed us to thrive while allowing us to also protect our businesses from changing government regulations.  In fact our business, like many NAPBA members, has experienced record growth since joining NAPBA and that is not a coincidence.

To my friends who have joined us and truly embraced what NAPBA stands for, the NAPBA Board and I thank you.  If you are exploring our organization, we welcome you on our ongoing journey. Together, NAPBA will continue to grow as a force in our industry.


John Gutzwiller
NAPBA President